Current Job Openings at Freedom Windsor Mill

Freedom Windsor Mill is currently hiring for the following positions:

Worship Leader

Create an inviting, worshipful atmosphere, where people can encounter the true and living God while coaching other musicians and singers to be able do the same.

General Description of Role: The primary responsibility of the Worship Leader will be to plan, coordinate, and lead the praise and worship portion of the weekly liturgy. This role will include coordinating music with members of the Worship team/band and providing lyrical slides to audiovisual support staff. The Worship Leader prays, sings and interacts with Praise Band, Freedom Church Windsor Mill pastoral leadership, and church members to ensure the service flows as smoothly as possible from beginning to end. 

Requirements: 10–24 Hours/week (including the hours spent leading worship)

Primary Tasks:

  1. Lead the church in musical worship (lead musician and vocalist) by providing a healthy variety of worship songs and incorporating different worship song styles and types (such as modern, contemporary and traditional) while exposing the congregation to new songs and/or methods of musical worship when possible.

  2. Plan the corporate praise and worship liturgy for Freedom Church in consultation with the pastoral staff.

  3. The Worship Leader will be responsible for planning and leading the praise and worship liturgy for the Good Friday Service and Christmas Eve Service.

  4. Coordinate and direct regularly scheduled rehearsals for worship team and band members prior to the Sunday that they are leading worship.

  5. Conduct individual coaching and/or practice sessions with worship team and/or band members when necessary.

  6. Develop relationships with worship team and band members in order to cultivate a cooperative worship environment.

  7. Develop and train worship team leaders to lead the musical portion of the worship service.

  8. Expose the worship team and band members to training opportunities provided in-house, by other ministries, books, conferences, etc.

  9. Implement ways to identify and recruit new worship team and band members.

  10. Meet with Pastors bi-monthly to discuss ideas and challenges concerning worship.

TO APPLY: Contact Dennis Allen, or 410-944-1115