One of our core values at Freedom Church is developing in community. That’s where our D Groups (discipleship groups) come in. D Groups are one of the primary environments for our growth as disciples of Jesus.


D Groups meet in homes around the city. A typical group meeting will include a meal followed by a discussion based on the previous week’s sermon and Bible passage. D Groups will sometimes use their time to host a block party in their community, or serve their neighborhood in some way.

Everyone is welcome.

If you have interest in a D Group near you, simply email the group leader with the contact information provided. You should hear back from them shortly.

Do you have questions about how to get connected with a D Group? Or, would you like information on hosting your own D Group? Contact 

Current D-Groups

Chris Melander - Monday - 7pm - Fells Point | 

Aaron Groen - Tuesday - 7:30pm - Sparks |

Tobi Akinsanya - Tuesday - 7:30pm - Morgan State (Subway) |

Jeff Bruns - Tuesday - 7pm - Towson |

Marcus Lollar & Scott Berglund - Tuesday - 7pm - Pikesville  |

Michael Crawford - Tuesday - 7pm - Baltimore |

Jeremy Dickson - Wednesday - 7:00pm - Freedom Church |


Chris Mangrum - Thursday - 6:00pm - Linthicum|


Christian James - Thursday - 8:00pm - Perry Hall |